Here is what our members have to say about belonging to Synergy Networking…


“I have been a member of Synergy Networking for many years and am grateful for the business relationships that have developed. It’s a wonderful thing to know that you have experts from diverse fields at your fingertips. It’s also a great feeling to be able to refer people that I encounter to the members of Synergy Networking, knowing that they will be treated like a customer should be treated.” ~Mike Gillingham, Eastern Iowa Inspection Services


“Synergy Networking is a great organization to be a part of! We have a wide array of members that bring their expertise to the group on a weekly basis. Every week I learn something new and get ideas to implement in my own business.” ~Nikole Haumont, Shield Bar Marketing


‘Looking to to meet other business owners and employees who are helping each other grow their respective businesses? I am, and I have been rewarded to develop a deep respect for the depth of knowledge, experience, and willingness for this marketing group’s members to invest in each other. My business has the direct benefit and reward for being a member of Synergy!” ~Kevin Yoder, Abner Appliance Repair


“Wow! This group has been such an awesome group to be associated with since June 1 of 2007! Formerly this was know as BNI. We have such a wealth of knowledge in this group, with the variety of occupations being represented.  When we need something or are trying to solve a problem for friends or clients, there always seems to be a member we can go to as a resource. We also have so much camaraderie and laughter in our group every week!”  ~Steve Schroeder, Skogman Realty


“This group has been a fantastic way to grow my business/network; especially if you’re new to your trade or new to the corridor, Synergy Networking is great. With melting everyone’s wealth of knowledge and contact sphere’s together a question never goes unanswered!” ~Jack O’Rourke, Hills Bank & Trust


“Synergy is an excellent resource for networking my skills.  The bonus is that I get to have great conversations and build relationships with people that I wouldn’t necessarily come in contact with during my normal way of life.  Synergy is worth the investment, not only for my business, but for myself as well.” ~Todd Neighbor, Cedar Valley Physical Therapy, PLLC


“I have been involved in Synergy Networking, and it’s predecessor, for over 12 years.  I can reasonably say between 30%-40% of my income each year is directly from the referrals I’ve gotten from Synergy.   I have tracked clients referred to me out to 6 or 7 generations from the original referral.   Many of the people in Synergy have also been involved for years, and we have built strong relationships.   Every Thursday we get to hear from everyone, which is great for keeping them forefront in your mind.” ~Anne K. Wilson, Anne Wilson Law Office, PLLC


What do I find at Synergy that’s valuable to me? A team of professionals helping to promote my business. Individuals I trust with expertise in varied fields serving as resources for my business, my family, my clients, my friends. A regular time of continuing education with news I can use. A weekly meeting that sends me back to my store energized and invigorated. Business that comes through our door that otherwise might never have found us. A group of men and women I probably would never have met otherwise who have become great friends. You really need to come visit and see what it can do for you and your business. ~Chris Fredrickson, Pak Mail


I have been a member for over 11 years and have developed a great friendship with all of the present and past members. I can depend on the professional help each and every member has to offer. The best thing is that if that member is unable to help they can recommend someone I can trust to do whatever I need. We feed off of each other’s enthusiasm and look forward to all new members. ~Steve Gilbert, First Class Cleaning